Top 5 Cycling Destinations of Regular Cyclists of Dehradun
Posted by Anil Mohan

Pic Credit: Apurv Saklani


Early morning cycling in Dehradun means you are inhaling fresh air, witnessing beautiful sunrise through mountains, riding to a new location each day, where jungles and rivers are just a few minutes ride away, good combination of flat and hilly terrain. For the cyclists there are many options for off road mountain biking too.


Dehradun is full of cycling destinations for regular cycling enthusiasts who are regular in cycling, there are more than 50 options for a cyclist to have a lovely ride along the nature. Sometimes it become a big task to select the ride destination of the day. Every rider has his/her favorite cycling destination to ride.

We conducted a survey among the regular cyclists of the city and come up with top 5 Cycling destinations.


1. Kimadi, Old Mussoorie Road

Kimadi is one of the less known places in Dehradun but very famous among the cyclists, Kimadi is just 14 kilometers distance from clocktower (center of the city). Though it is only 14 KM route, it is one of the tough routes for beginners and average cyclists,   the total elevation gain on the route is 1000 m. The elevation varies from 700m - 1100m.

Kimadi is favourite destination for all range of cyclist from explorer, nature lovers, fun lovers, health conscious, those on hard training for competitions.


2. Maldevta

One of the favourite cycling destination for an easy ride, Maldevta is 13 kilometers from clock tower, and 6 kilometer from raipur chowk.

This is one of the favourite route of beginners, as the road from raipur to maldevta is almost  is straight with view of mountains and jungle on both sides of the road.

Maldevta is a small market, a marketplace of various connecting nearby villages on hills. Mostly the rides to maldevta ends at maldevta bridge near a resort called maldevta farms.


3. Dwara

Dwara is 25 kilometers from clock tower and 12 kilometers from maldevta bridge. It is totally uphill terrain after maldevta bridge.

Dwara is few of the best options for good workout in short period of time. The total elevation gain is around 1600 meters. Another choice of Cyclist undergoing training for competition.

You will witness beautiful houses of hill villages, crop field of villagers, villages working on the hilly fields. Chanting of birds, beautiful hilly curvesq, forests and awesome view of maldevta and Mussoorie from top of the hill.


4. Thano

Thano is 24 kilometers from clock tower, Dehradun. The ride to Thano generally starts from Raipur bus stand, also known as Maharana Pratap chowk which is 8 kilometers from clock tower. The 16 kilometers distance of Maharana Pratap chowk to Thano is an alternate highway connecting Dehradun & Rishikesh, specially connecting to Dehradun Airport.

The initial 9 kilometers from Maharana Pratap chowk is almost flat road without any elevation, except newly build flyovers. The last 6 kilometer goes through beautiful dense forest with some elevation. The total elevation gain in last 6 kilometer is 200 meters.


5. Mussoorie

Cycling  to mussoorie is dream ride of every beginner, Cycling to Mussoorie is challenging with good elevation and long distance. The total distance of Mussoorie from Clocktower is 35 kilometers with a total elevation of 1400 meters.The route is tough as the entire route is uphill with good elevation. The view of Mussoorie and Dehradun throughout the route is very beautiful. You will feel a great temperature difference between Dehradun and Mussoorie,  Being a tourist place Mussoorie is always full of tourists.